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  • Ukelele Classes Flyer

ACRE Ukulele Group (AUG) Launch

March 21, 2024|0 Comments

ACRE is excited to announce the ACRE Ukulele Group (AUG) launch, a new initiative to bring together ukulele enthusiasts of all skill levels. The group will kick off with Absolute Beginners lessons on Wednesday, [...]

  • Art-Workshop-for-Mental-Wellbeing

Art Workshops for Mental Wellbeing

March 18, 2024|0 Comments

Art Workshop for Mental Wellbeing: A Pathway to Expression, Healing, and Connection In today's fast-paced and digitally driven world, finding a space for self-expression, healing, and connection has become more critical. The Unity in [...]

Tea & Coffee Meeting

March 14, 2024|0 Comments

The Acre & Utulivu Women's Group Tee & Coffee Meeting: A Forum for Engagement and Information Exchange. A regular affair, the breakfast meeting convened by Acre and the Utulivu Women’s Group, is a signature [...]