The Reading Community Health Champions program is  created as a platform to Connect with your community, Inform and provide feedback for your local community and Empower people to improve their heath.

Don’t worry, it is not the role of a Community Champion to:

*Provide medical advice to residents.

*Act as a health expert or enforce Health measures or opinions.

* Not applying personal interpretations to the guidance. If people are in doubt, they can ask for clarification.

However, you can participate to:

* Help circulate Health evidence-based information or advice that is NHS Approved or Public Health approved.

*Ensure that residents in Reading are aware of, knowledgeable about, and up to speed on the information, services and activities that is important to their health and well-being.

*Build the confidence, knowledge, skills and capacity of local people in Reading

*Sharing learnings with other Community Health Champions

Reporting back to the CHC programme team regularly and clearly, highlighting any insight, barriers or themed concerns that communities may highlight.

Attend meetings to keep up to date with the latest information and guidance.

Attend / host Health workshop events to share information or take part in Public Health promotional activities.