The Acre & Utulivu Women’s Group Tee & Coffee Meeting: A Forum for Engagement and Information Exchange.

A regular affair, the breakfast meeting convened by Acre and the Utulivu Women’s Group, is a signature event taking place every Tuesday around 11 a.m. The 12th of March saw the representatives of the Berkshire Railway Police gracing the occasion as guest speakers. Their agenda was to engage with the immigrants and refugees in attendance, imparting crucial information regarding railway safety.

Coincidentally, the meeting fell on the second day of Ramadan, a sacred month for Muslims, which resulted in diminished attendance. Despite this, the British police representatives persisted in delivering their presentations, which resonated well with all those present, deeming it fitting for the occasion.

The safety measures communicated were not only in the best interest of the newcomers but also served to promote public safety. This noble message was received with open arms. The interactive segment following the presentation afforded the attendees a chance to engage the police representatives directly, asking pertinent questions. The Sergeant and his team were more than willing to provide satisfactory responses, fostering a sense of closeness with the community.

The Sergeant’s key takeaway was a heartfelt admission of the existing mistrust between the police force and certain sections of the public, particularly minority groups. He emphasised their responsibility as law enforcement to actively engage with such communities and foster a mutual understanding that would eventually build trust. He assured, “We, as public servants, are committed to instigating change and instilling trust within our communities, a commitment that extends to our superiors at the top of the hierarchy. This goal can only be achieved through collective effort and mutual understanding,” the Sergeant concluded, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.