At Acre we have a dedicated and supportive team comprising staff members, trustees and volunteers, without whose support we would not be able to deliver our services.  We are focused on serving our clients and work collaboratively with our partners to deliver on behalf of the communities we serve.  We are very proud of our team, our partners and our supportive donors, funders and supporters.

Welcome to Acre

We are a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about seeing equality, diversity and equal opportunity for everyone in our town’s communities. We celebrate the vibrancy of Reading’s diversity, multi-ethnicity, multiculturalism, and at the same time we challenge some of the more deep-rooted cultural traditions, practices that are unacceptable in our modern society.

We promote equality, diversity and community cohesion. We are here to serve our many clients and communities.

We are keen to make a positive difference for the many different communities in our town. If you have an interest in matters of equality and diversity, then why not come and work with us and see if we can make a difference together?

Who is Acre?

Acre is the Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality.  Acre was established to promote equality, diversity, equal opportunity and community cohesion throughout the Greater Reading area.

Acre’s vision is for a more equal and inclusive society and for better integration of communities in the Greater Reading area. 

Acre’s mission is to eliminate discrimination, promote positive relationships between different communities, and advocate equal opportunities for all.

Acre opposes segregation, bigotry and extremism.  As such our core values are:

Respect | Rights | Responsibilities | Inclusiveness | No Victimisation | Fairness | Justice | Equal Opportunities |  Empowerment | Education | Sustainability |

Our purpose is two-fold:

  • To promote equality across the nine protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010.
  • To promote community cohesion through integration, engagement and empowerment.
Our key objectives are as follows:

  • To create a centre for promoting Equality across the 9 protected strands, including:
    • Setting up the Equality Alliance and Hate Crime Forum in partnership with voluntary and community organisations
    • Improving Advocacy across the equality characteristics
    • Developing bespoke training and consultancy packages across the equality spectrum
    • Engaging with the Local Strategic Partnership
  • To create an environment to promote all aspects of community cohesion, including:
    • Embracing Diversity & Community Cohesion
    • Integration: Promoting Interaction between different people and community groups
    • Community Engagement & Empowerment
Acre has successfully secured the RBC contract to promote support for “Marginalised Communities” – groups of people affected by complex multiple factors that put them at risk of stereotyping, discrimination and isolation.

The primary objectives of the service are:

  • To encourage understanding and support for marginalised communities
  • To counteract barriers to participation in marginalised communities
  • To work with and support community leaders to reach into marginalised communities
  • To challenge and change behaviours that prevent engagement with the local community
  • To help identify and tackle local issues
  • To encourage engagement with mainstream groups and service by signposting and referral where appropriate
  • To provide a resource for local agencies that supports their engagement with and understanding of marginalised communities
The following are our performance indicators:

  • KPI 1 – To create a focal point for promoting equality across the 9 protected characteristics
  • KPI 2 – To create an environment to promote all aspects of community cohesion
  • KPI 3 – To provide a community-led hate crime forum that works in partnership with agencies tackling hate crime
  • KPI 4 – To demonstrate the additional value provided by local voluntary organisations

Meet Our Staff

Victoria Hunter
Victoria HunterVictoria is our Equalities Coordinator
Victor Koroma
Victor KoromaVictor is our General Manager
Shagufta Ali
Shagufta AliShagufta is our Alafia Family Outreach Worker
Ritu Shanks
Ritu ShanksRitu is our Office Administrator

Meet Our Trustees

James Mugo
James Mugo James Mugo is our Chairperson
Harish Raichura
Harish RaichuraHarish is our Assistant Treasurer
Ejaz Elahi
Ejaz ElahiChair HR Sub-Committee
Esther Oenga
Esther Oenga
Joshua Wilson
Joshua WilsonJoshua is our Treasurer
Shirley Anstis
Shirley Anstis

Social Media

We use social media platforms to promote community cohesion by providing a central point of information on the diverse range of community and cultural events held locally. We also promote discussion via news stories and videos promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.  We interact with community groups and provide a voice and medium for interaction for partner organisations.  Social media enables us to have our ‘finger on the pulse’ and access to Reading’s community groups.

Radio Blast 1386 FM

Radio Blast 1386 FM is a local radio station based out of Reading College.  Eddie Winship hosts the Community Matters show which focuses on matters of interest to the local community in Reading. After attending the show in November 2014 as guests to promote the work of Acre, we were asked to host a permanent slot to broadcast Acre’s monthly activities and diversity in Reading.  We now have a regular programme called “Equality Matters” on the radio station on the first Tuesday of every month at midday.

On the programme we showcase local equality projects and community events.  Past broadcasts have focused on Hidden Voices, a joint initiative between Reading Museum and Support U highlighting what life was like for Reading’s LGBT Community before the internet age;  Reading Holocaust Memorial Day; Human Trafficking Awareness Day; Acre’s FGM engagement and events; Acre and Utulivu International Women’s Day event at the Houses of Parliament; and The Equalities Alliance Inaugural Conference.

Having got to grips with the radio basics, we have got a full line up of guests for the coming year.  Please tune in to Equality Matters, Blast 1386 on the first Tuesday of every month at midday, and join us in interesting and engaging discussions on Equality.  We have so much fun on the show!

Our Donors, Funders and Supporters

Support our work

The work that Acre carries out is essential to the communities we support, including those who are marginalised and disenfranchised.  We would not be able to carry out our work without the vital support provided to us by our supporters.

To all our supporters we say a big thank you, your support is invaluable to us!

If you’re able to, please consider supporting us either by making a one-off donation or a regular monthly donation to help us support families with disabled children, those on low incomes in need of legal advise, fight for equality of opportunity for all, combat hate crime, support survivors of FGM and those at risk.